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«Homeland» – episodes release dates

Season 5
Episode NumberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
s5e12A False Glimmer12.20.2015
s5e11Our Man in Damascus12.13.2015
s5e10New Normal12.06.2015
s5e9The Litvinov Ruse11.29.2015
s5e8All About Allison11.22.2015
s5e5Better Call Saul11.01.2015
s5e4Why Is This Night Different?10.25.2015
s5e3Super Powers10.18.2015
s5e2The Tradition of Hospitality10.11.2015
s5e1Separation Anxiety10.04.2015
Season 4
Episode NumberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
s4e12Long Time Coming12.21.2014
s4e11Krieg Nicht Lieb12.14.2014
s4e1013 Hours in Islamabad12.07.2014
s4e9There's Something Else Going On11.23.2014
s4e8Halfway to a Donut11.16.2014
s4e6From A to B and Back Again11.02.2014
s4e5About a Boy10.26.2014
s4e4Iron in the Fire10.19.2014
s4e3Shalwar Kameez10.12.2014
s4e2Trylon and Perisphere10.05.2014
s4e1The Drone Queen10.05.2014
Season 3
Episode NumberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
s3e12The Star12.15.2013
s3e11Big Man in Tehran12.08.2013
s3e10Good Night12.01.2013
s3e9One Last Thing11.24.2013
s3e8A Red Wheelbarrow11.17.2013
s3e6Still Positive11.03.2013
s3e5The Yoga Play10.27.2013
s3e4Game On10.20.2013
s3e3Tower of David10.13.2013
s3e2Uh... Oh... Ah...10.06.2013
s3e1Tin Man Is Down09.29.2013
Season 2
Episode NumberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
s2e12The Choice12.16.2012
s2e11In Memoriam12.09.2012
s2e10Broken Hearts12.02.2012
s2e9Two Hats11.25.2012
s2e8I'll Fly Away11.18.2012
s2e7The Clearing11.11.2012
s2e6A Gettysburg Address11.04.2012
s2e4New Car Smell10.21.2012
s2e3State of Independence10.14.2012
s2e2Beirut Is Back10.07.2012
s2e1The Smile09.30.2012
Season 1
Episode NumberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
s1e12Marine One12.18.2011
s1e11The Vest12.11.2011
s1e10Representative Brody12.04.2011
s1e8Achilles Heel11.20.2011
s1e7The Weekend11.13.2011
s1e6The Good Soldier11.06.2011
s1e5Blind Spot10.30.2011
s1e4Semper I10.23.2011
s1e3Clean Skin10.16.2011