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The CW
2012 - ...
fantasy, action, drama, detective, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:102
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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Episode Title: «The Candidate»
Episode Released: 10.14.2015
Season number: 4
Episode number: 2
Episode Description:
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Green arrow, speedy, John and Black Canary demolish another plan "ghosts". Felicity wants Oliver gave her a nickname. The next day Oliver and Thea are trying to dissuade Mrs. Danford from running for mayor, but they did not go out. Felicity returns to Palmer technology, and watch there unpleasant situation: the mass reduction of workers. Felicity and Mr. Kholp found a way not to allow to happen to reduce. Meanwhile, at the General conference of the Mrs. Danford committed assault, Oliver without a suit pursues his attacker, but not sure that the attacker "Ghost". The assailant's name is Mr. Machin and his weapon - a high-tech ect. Damian Dark disappointed that he grabbed Mrs. Denford, but the mercenary says that this is only the beginning. To find out how to find a criminal, Green arrow and speedy go to the place where he usually hung out. During interrogation, one of those who know the perpetrator, speedy accidentally breaks the arm. When the brother and sister returned to the lair, Oliver says she crossed the line. Brother and sister fight, and Oliver sees why Thea loses control: all the fault of the Lazarus pit. Later Mrs. Danford be stolen Machina. Team Arrow went. While John and Black Canary evacuated the girl, Green arrow and speedy defeated the criminal. Lance still doesn't trust Oliver, but I have to tell him information about Damian Darque, secretly working to ensure that his daughter was safe. Thea and Laurel are secretly from the team, going to Nanda Parbat to find a way to deal with aggression and Thea and to try to revive Sarah. Oliver realizes that he's Green arrow, so he decides to run for mayor. In the flashback it is shown how Oliver returned to the island and infiltrated the military command.
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