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The CW
2012 - ...
fantasy, action, drama, detective, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:102
Episode duration~ 43 min.

«Arrow» – Season 4 Episode 6 watch online

Episode Title: «Lost Souls»
Episode Released: 11.11.2015
Season number: 4
Episode number: 6
Episode Description:
Beware, spoilers! To read - hover over the text.
Six months ago ray has decreased in size and everyone thought he died. Oliver works with Alex David on a political agenda. After Alex tries to invite Thea on a date, but failed. Meanwhile Kholp comes to Palmer technology and sees that felicity is still working on the message. Soon there comes Oliver and felicity tells him that ray was alive. The family of Lance glad Sara is alive again. Felicity accidentally makes contact with ray and learns that he is in captivity, reduced in size, and cannot grow. The team decides to save him. Felicity comes to her mother. Felicity is angry at Oliver that he's not warned her about this visit. Green arrow, John, speedy and Black Canary stealing special equipment, which will help to increase ray's, but Sarah's a little nuts (as it did with Tea several times). Felicity finds out that ray is Damian dark. Oliver is having dinner with felicity and her mom. Oliver think felicity doesn't love him. John reassures Oliver. Captain lance entices dark, and team Arrow finds out where ray is. Green arrow, John, felicity, speedy, Black Canary and Kholp going to storm the building. John dressed in a suit of "Ghost" and catches Oliver to the heroes entered the building. Green arrow fights Dark, Black Canary and speedy are fighting against "ghosts", and John, felicity and Kholp save ray. The heroes leave the base Darka winners. Sarah was still worried that the side effects of the pit make her worse. Sara wants to move to another city. Felicity realizes she loves Oliver. Captain lance meets with mother felicity. Thea decides to go on a date with Alex. Damian Dark moves on to the next part of her plan. In the flashback it is shown how Oliver shows military the cave in which he took John. One of the soldiers pulled one of the prisoners to kill Oliver. In the end, Oliver kills the prisoner, but the soldier, who suspected Oliver of espionage, specifically made it seem like Oliver has attacked the prisoner.
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