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The CW
2012 - ...
fantasy, action, drama, detective, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:102
Episode duration~ 43 min.

«Arrow» – Season 4 Episode 8 watch online

Episode Title: «Legends of Yesterday»
Episode Released: 12.02.2015
Season number: 4
Episode number: 8
Episode Description:
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Trying to temporarily hide Carter and Kendra from Savage, both teams move to a country house near Central city. Carter tries to get Kendra to recall her past lives to learn how to use wings. Savage meets up with Barry, Oliver and Merlin, demanding couple of wings, or he will destroy Central city and Old city with the help of a walking Stick Mount. Barry freaked out with visions of his Ghost, just like last time when he accidentally jumped on the day in the past. Oliver meets his ex-girlfriend Samantha and trying to find out whether he is the father of her son. She says no, but he takes the boy's hair and asked Barry to conduct a paternity test. The answer is Yes. The mother of the child requires that Oliver didn't tell anyone, not even felicity. This eventually leads to a breakdown in the relationship between Oliver and felicity. Despite the insistence of Carter, Kendra can't be a warrior. Oliver formulates a plan to deceive and defeat savage, but the plan fails, and all the characters except Barry die. Also, savage destroys Central city. Barry manages to escape and travels to the day ago. He tells Oliver the truth, and they are trying to change the outcome of the day. Barry convinces Cisco to talk to Kendra, instead of Carter, and Cisco manages to evoke memories of a priestess of Chay-Ara, which killed the evil priest hath-Set (savage), along with her beloved Prince Khufu (Carter), forcing the soul beloved be reborn again and again, that the villain could kill them and maintain their immortality. Kendra understands that the Stick Mount is the key to victory over the Savage. Instead of a small team (like last time), Oliver calls on all fighters to the battle. Cisco and felicity make gloves out of nth metal for Barry and Oliver to cope with the Staff. The second time, Kendra turns to fly and fight. Barry and Oliver use the Staff to incinerate the villain. Carter and Kendra leaving. Oliver and felicity return home. Ashes villain collects Merlin, claiming that savage owed.
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