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Avatar: The Last Airbender watch online 720p

Avatar: The Last Airbender

2005 - 2008
cartoon, fantasy, action, adventure, family
IMDb rating: 9.2 / 10
Number of seasons:3
Number of episodes:61
Episode duration~ 22 min.

«Avatar: The Last Airbender» – Season 3 Episode 21 watch online

Episode Title: «Sozin's Comet: Part 4 - Avatar Aang»
Episode Released: 07.19.2008
Season number: 3
Episode number: 21
Episode Description:
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Qatar needs to engage in battle with Azula, as Zook struck by her lightning. She deceives the Princess and treats Zuka. The battle continues in the air. Toph uses magic metal and ramming ships. Sookie breaks a leg together with Toph saves Souci. Aang continues to not light the battle with the Fire Lord, but after Aang took the Avatar state, the power is not his side. Defeating the Fire Lord, Aang did not kill him, but followed the advice of the Lion turtle and stripped of his magic. War between Nations is over. Zuko becomes the Fire Lord and establishes a relationship with Mei. Friends having fun in the tea iroh, and Aang and Katara kiss at sunset.
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