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Breaking Bad

2008 - 2013
drama, thriller
IMDb rating: 9.5 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:62
Episode duration~ 47 min.

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Episode Title: «Seven Thirty-Seven»
Episode Released: 03.08.2009
Season number: 2
Episode number: 1
Episode Description:
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Jesse and Walter sold the first large batch of methamphetamine, drug dealer Tuco. Seeing how the beating to death of his partner in crime, Walter decides that the stop meth cooks, as it will bring together the necessary amount of money. Jesse is an arms dealer and buys a gun for protection from Tuco. Walter decided that it is possible to poison Tuco, adding poison to the drug. In the evening, Jesse Walter comes to the house, and asks him to come out to talk. Walter sit in the car, and with the rear seats raised Tuco with a gun in his hand, and ordered to go forward.
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