2015 – ...
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2015 - ...
action, drama, crime
IMDb rating: 8.8 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:26
Episode duration~ 54 min.

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The tank with toxic waste knocks a boy named Matt. Hero fortunately survived, but the consequences were terrible, Matt lost his sight due to the fact that part of the waste came into his eyes. His father, who is a boxer, did not allow his son to give up, by his example, he proves to Matt that for your life must be fought in all situations.
The boy lived a normal life, adapting and getting used to his ailment. The life of a blind character changes dramatically when some villain killed his father. Matt Murdock is experiencing the loss, revenge does not leave him, and makes only meaner and more confident. He decides that you need to get stronger to take revenge crime. At this point, he offers wonderful opportunities that fully compensate his blindness, he is able to transcend the ordinary people in their feelings and strength qualities.

Matt Murdock matures and becomes a lawyer who is higher up the career ladder. He becomes the head of a private law firm with his friend Foggy. But the dark night he puts on the mask and the nickname crushes Daredevil villains in Manhettone. His power is limitless and can punish all offenders, while protecting ordinary and innocent people. No one and did not realize that an ordinary lawyer, devoid of the ability to see every night turns into a super strong and ruthless hero, protect your area from the dregs. The murder of the father motivates him to commit affairs to restore justice in the streets of the city.

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