2006 – 2013
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2006 - 2013
thriller, drama, detective
IMDb rating: 8.8 / 10
Number of seasons:8
Number of episodes:96
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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Dexter lost his mother at the age of three years, with those seen her brutal murder of his own eyes. A police officer Harry Morgan took the boy to him and raised him as a son. He was the first to realize how unusual protagonist: sociopathic tendencies combined in him with a sharp mind and a developed intellect.
That the child is not completely crossed the line and moved to the side of evil, Harry develops a set of rules that Dexter can only kill the criminals, for whatever reason, to avoid punishment for his actions.

Over the years, the appetites of young Morgan grew, but help meet their work as a specialist in splashes of blood had access to the business and the ability to cover their tracks.

And if the work was given to Dexter easily and secret and illegal "hobby" has brought a real pleasure, in dialogue with people was much more difficult to succeed. By and large, noble maniac did not feel strong feelings, but has learned to imitate the emotions, in order to better fit into the environment of colleagues and friends. For a long time it was the most expensive man's sister Debra, although gradually overgrown Dexter attachments, and even started a family.

Keep a secret night operation - that has always been a primary goal. Depriving of life the next bad guy deceived the system, Morgan got inner freedom and for a while calmed his hunger. Only the stronger Dexter drawn into the circle around him passions, the more help the police, the greater the risk and could give the true essence.

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