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2006 - 2013
thriller, drama, detective
IMDb rating: 8.8 / 10
Number of seasons:8
Number of episodes:96
Episode duration~ 55 min.

«Dexter» – Season 2 Episode 4 watch online

Episode Title: «See-Through»
Episode Released: 10.21.2007
Season number: 2
Episode number: 4
Episode Description:
Beware, spoilers! To read - hover over the text.
Dexter and Lila arrange tour by car. By Rita comes to visit his mother. Dexter finds out that in the case of the Butcher found important new evidence - algae. At night, he adjusts to the morgue accident with electricity and all the bodies in the morning turned into "mush." But it turns out that the algae were not the bodies, and bags of stones, so the investigation will not stop.
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