Downton Abbey

2010 – 2015
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Downton Abbey

2010 - 2015
drama, romance
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:52
Episode duration~ 54 min.

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1912. End Edwardian era. Measured life in the ancestral estate of a count Grantham breaks the news of the tragic death of the heir to traveling on the "Titanic" of England in the American states.
Surviving the shock of the loss, the family suggests that now, due to lack of sole heir masculine, their rights to inheritance declare the eldest daughter of Count Grantham - Mary. However, her father's intentions are quite different - it was found out that the victim's cousin was not the sole heir of a noble family, and there is another contender for the impoverished line and lead modest lives of the middle class. Will the young Countess Mary put up with such a decision of his father, Earl of Grantham you whether impoverished and unknown heir to cope with the fall down on it obligations and how to apprehend other members of the Count's family newly relatives? Great costume TV series for six seasons, tells the story of the Count's family, about their worries in maintaining title and family nest - Downton Abbey, as well as the desire to help their farmers-tenants living in the estate, and other peasants dependent on them. Solving pressing current issues and problems, the family does not remain aloof from the rapidly developing historical events that radically affect each member of a noble clan.

The creators have worked on glory - elaborate images of each character, from young rural paramedic dishwasher ending where everyone tells her story, and becomes an integral part of the ducal family, is closely intertwined with it against the backdrop of grandiose historical events that influenced the course of world history. It would seem, how can a servant have an impact on the story of the Countess? But the fate of living in Downton Abbey and the people working for them are so closely intertwined that every decision or action may lead to a completely unexpected ending. Despite all the troubles, it is surprising that even the most biased critics could not find in the historical picture of the specified period of non-compliance or other mistakes directorial team, which account for more than one large-scale historical painting. Through this painstaking work and a deep approach, the series has won several awards "Golden Globe", "Emmy" award and the Guild of Actors in the category "Best mini-series or movie on TV", "The best cast of the drama series" and others.

It should also be noted, and star of the series - on the account of each actor (Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Brendan Coyle, Jessica Brown-Findlay, Lily, James, Rose Leslie and others) a sufficient number of roles, both in historical and contemporary paintings also noted by critics. Many of them can be seen in other, equally popular television series and feature films.

If you want to spend the time usefully and interestingly, the TV series "Downton Abbey" - the best choice.

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