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Downton Abbey

2010 - 2015
drama, romance
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:52
Episode duration~ 54 min.

«Downton Abbey» – Season 5 Episode 6 watch online

Episode Title: «Episode 6»
Episode Released: 10.26.2014
Season number: 5
Episode number: 6
Episode Description:
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Edith finds out that Gregson's body was found, he died during Hitler's beer hall putsch in November 1923. She inherits his company, and decided on a bold step: taking his daughter from farmers and leaving Downton. The police receive an anonymous letter and the investigator questioned Ms. Baxter, under threat of return to prison, she admits she was suspected of a bad relationship Bates and green. Bates accidentally finds Anna a book about contraception, purchased for Mary, he assumes that she doesn't want kids with him because he believes he is the killer. He tells her he knew that green was guilty of violence, and even bought a ticket to London, but at the last moment decided not to pursue him and kill him, because he didn't want to be hanged for murder, and Anna was left alone. But an unused ticket, direct evidence of innocence Bates, Mary has already burned, thinking that this is evidence against him, and thus she helps Bates. Thomas looks worse and worse, miss Baxter forces him to go to the doctor and it turns out that he was injected with injections, trying to be cured of homosexuality. Cora and Robert reconciled. Mary takes part in the races, there are Gillingham and his ex-fiancée, Mabel. Think, plan Blake gives positive results... Carson, inspired by Mrs. Patmore invites Mrs. Hughes to buy the property in joint ownership investment for the future.
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