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drama, crime, detective
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:93
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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Joan - young girl decided to change jobs. She studied for 12 years to become a surgeon. A sad accident at work caused her to change the profession, the patient died.
Sending your resume as a curator, she gets the job done. Her ward lives in a fairly old but neat and nice house. Sherlock, a young man, quite nice, but strange. His father hired Joan Watson for six weeks to look after his son, that he was not failure, since he was a drug addict.

The young man met a girl of pleasant appearance without hostility. He did not resist strongly the presence of Joanne, apparently he really need the company. Sherlock rich man, but nevertheless he has a job. He works as a consultant in the local police department. Now, Watson will accompany him. At first it was hard with him, but his self-centeredness Woman forced to forget about the problems of the past and focus on it.

Sherlock involves it in its investigations, appreciates her help, but do not want to let Joan in his personal life. It hides the reason why became a drug addict. With each new case, Watson realizes that he is smart and vulnerable person. Holmes also tries to teach Joan not only observe, but also to conduct an investigation on their own. After the end of the contract, she unexpectedly remains. She likes her new job - to be a partner with Holmes and investigate crimes.

Together they will find a common language both at home and in the outside world, they will work together to discover new criminal cases.

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