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black tragicomedy
IMDb rating: 9.0 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:20
Episode duration~ 53 min.

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Fargo - one of the epic dramas of the new generation, a story that goes on in a series of a series and the viewer, his eyes intently watching heroes. This series with an unexpected ending. Fargo removed based on real events that took place in Minnesota in 2006.
All shown the most approximate to an event. Fargo has already managed to please us a unique story in 1997, shot by the Coen brothers, received numerous awards and People's Choice Award, but this time it's not a movie, and a show is a show where the story is shown to the finest detail to convey the atmosphere of what is happening.

Fargo plot from beginning to end is an unknown Lorne Malvo in the small town of Bemidji State Minneisota. Happened to meet with the seller of insurance Lester Nygaard, Malvo opens his soul and tells all in spirit. At that same moment the police start investigating the murder of a sheriff Molly Solverson in which it is believed may have been involved Lorne Malvo. Throughout the series captures the isolation that keeps the intrigue of the audience, but at one point, all the cards will be opened. Unlike all the other drama series, Fargo - one of the few where it ends "survivors."

In the series, as there are excellent famous actors, namely Martin Freeman. Remember Sherlock or The Hobbit? Of course, this is the same Martin, but here he plays the first major role - Leicester Nygaard. He played his role perfectly, passed all the necessary emotions, it was he who kept the suspense up to the end of history. Or Billy Bob Thornton, who played superbly Lorna Malvo - man of whom have learned everything you need until the end of the series. Fargo - a masterpiece of world culture. Anyone who has ever looked at it, will be long remembered fragments of his tragic story.

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