2002 – 2003
Season 1
All episodes of 1 season:
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2002 - 2003
fantasy, action, drama, adventure
IMDb rating: 9.1 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:14
Episode duration~ 42 min.

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Alternative future of mankind. Most recently over one of the great cosmic war and many are looking for their vocation in the post war world. Infinite space crisscrossing the ship "Serenity" on board a detachment of desperate criminals, smugglers, led by its permanent commander, a brave warrior and undisputed leader -Malkolmom Reynaldsom.

They - inveterate criminals, ready to take on anyone, without exception, profitable business, any dangerous adventure, and the only value in their lives - it is they and their team, in fact replace the family.

Here there is no one who would not have been necessary and superfluous, every member of the team, whether it is a charming Inara, conquered the hearts of many men, Zoe - faithful Battle Sister, genius doctor, Simon and his little "move" sister Ramon, or a brilliant girl-mechanic Kaylee They are an integral part of an exciting, from the first minute, space western called "Firefly." They - their home among strangers, and strangers among their eternal struggle with the law of the ship "Alliance" and representatives of the iniquities of the world, they can not rely on anyone but yourself.

In total, this family consists of ten members - nine people aboard "Serenity" and the ship itself, yes, you heard right, this ship is not just a car, it's alive, full member of the country's little family.

The series strikes and delays in its adventurous atmosphere from the very first minutes of viewing, its not a banal story, believable game actors and the spectacular cosmic views, he is filled with cute, ironic scenes and dialogues, quotes Beatles, swearing in Chinese, so refined taste cinephile is for that hooked.

Breathtaking views of space and a succession of desperate adventures without tower, the pain of loss, the cynicism and the daily struggle for survival - all this in an interesting and dynamic TV series "Firefly."

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