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1999 - 2013
animated sitcom, science fiction
IMDb rating: 8.5 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:124
Episode duration~ 22 min.

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The protagonist of «Futurama» - 25-year-old American named Fry - who accidentally fell into a cryogenic chamber was frozen and later woke up 1,000 years in 3000. In the new and incomprehensible for him the world Fry finds a job as a courier and interplanetary adventures begin from this moment. «Futurama» is designed to appeal to any audience for several reasons.

First, the "Futurama" - is the brainchild of Matt Groening - creator of the other world-famous animated TV series - "The Simpsons".

However, the "Futurama" is practically nothing to do with "The Simpsons" has not. They have in common only the main thing - high quality TV product. If "The Simpsons" serious emphasis on family issues, the "Futurama" on a wider range of issues, whereby each episode turns surprising and unique.

Second, the "Futurama" can not be concluded in style frames. This is both a comedy, adventure and fantasy space with a light ironic claim to be scientific.

Third, vibrant, diverse and unique characters of this story very few people leave indifferent. The protagonist Fry clear to the viewer. Everyone can see it yourself. At the same time, sometimes, Fry kicks Fortelle such that the audience sigh of relief and think, "Well, I have something not exactly a simpleton, I would not have behaved oddly."

The highlight of the series - Bender the robot from "shiny metallic ass." It can be safely be called the anti-hero, but on closer examination it becomes clear that this is not so. Bender - cynical, playboy, a storehouse of quotes, drunkard and boor. But he makes mischief with such grace that it is impossible not to love him. And what a robot with the demand, which, however, is so similar to human.

Other key characters of the series: - A female cyclops Leela, is the captain of the ship "Planet Express"; - Scientist and inventor Hubert Farnsworth, often because of its age flowing into senility; - Dr. Zoidberg -omaropodobny alien. Zoidberg - a doctor, it is not versed in the human anatomy that does not prevent him throughout history to try to treat friends.

Heroes of the story very much. All of them - from the narcissistic, but foolish General Zapp Brannigan and to the sinister head of the Group for the production of robots nicknamed "Mom" - a bright, colorful and unique.

«Futurama" for all fans of animated series - the world's best gipnozhaba. What gipnozhaba? You do not know until you discover the story.

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