Game of Thrones

2011 – ...
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Game of Thrones

2011 - ...
fantasy, drama, adventure
IMDb rating: 9.5 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:63
CountryUK, USA
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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«Game of Thrones» is a stunning American TV show, has won worldwide fame and national recognition. This unusual fantasy for adults, poignant and fascinating history, born based on the novels of George Martin's «A Song of Ice and Fire». Mixing various mythological stories gave rise to the appearance of a special world - Västerås.
Seven Kingdoms of Westeros exist on the territory of medieval times fantastic, constantly fighting among themselves. Complex weave intrigues and coups, massacres and executions will impress every viewer. Tirana, epidemics, incest, torture, bizarre rites of religious fanatics, all flavored with passion, love, honor and heroism.

Game of Thrones does not fit into the classic canons of fantasy - for this series too realistic, but drama, mystery and fantasy, merging together, create an intricate and extensive storyline, covering each of the numerous strange and ambiguous characters. In the south live fire-breathing dragons, led by the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen in the north - lifeless "white walkers", cut off by a wall from the rest of the world, and between them - poor people with their terrible secrets and vices.

Stunning acting, stunning special effects, spectacular battle scenes, hairstyles, costumes, semantic load - above all praise. Picturesque places - mountains, forests, deep rivers and endless plains - filmed in Northern Ireland, with its leisurely, measured life, surrounded by the idyllic scenery. The scenic beauty is poured onto the screen along with a very atmospheric music by Ramin Djawadi. The series was awarded the "Emmy", "Golden Globe" and many others. Before viewing, be prepared for the fact that in the game of thrones a lot of frank, serious scenes and violence, the age limit should be taken into account.

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