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Game of Thrones

2011 - ...
fantasy, drama, adventure
IMDb rating: 9.5 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:63
CountryUK, USA
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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Episode Title: «The Broken Man»
Episode Released: 06.05.2016
Season number: 6
Episode number: 7
Episode Description:
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High Sparrow to Child Woods swears revenge for the death of vampires Summer. To do this, he begins to hunt for the leader of the myriad forces invaders called Volkiz. White Walker Branagh pursues, but in the pursuit stumbles on the World in the struggle with which Walker is defeated. Thus, the World rescues friend from certain death. They come together inside the timber fully intact and completely able to speak with the children of the forest against hordes of horrible ghouls. Arya with tramp begin implementation of the plan conceived to capture Winterfell, the main purpose of the whole company is incurring minimal losses to capture an impregnable citadel in the heart of the city. Thus Arya is able to monitor the entire city and the release of all hostages held in underground dungeons of the city. Priestess Kinvala proclaimed Mother Dragon lord of the world and become the ruler of the right hand from that moment all his thoughts and actions of the Mother of Dragons led by Vile Priestess, who first uses the power of the lords for their own purposes and its first target is to revenge Kids Forest. Learning what danger looming in the kingdom of their forest dwellers call on to help the King of the Night. To do this, they spend a spooky ritual sacrificing of the captured soldier. But over time, children of the forest begin to doubt the correctness of his action, because control of the Night King is practically impossible.
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