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fantasy, action, thriller, drama, detective
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:3
Number of episodes:56
Episode duration~ 44 min.

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American TV series "Gotham" shot Bruno Hailler based on the comic book publisher DC Comics. By the storyline "kissed" by Bob Kane, who gave the world the superhero Batman. The first season started in September, 2014.
the second season was launched exactly one year. series extended to the next, the third season in March 2016. Shown two seasons include Series 44 lasting about 45 minutes. The plot has a half dozen main characters and many minor characters who occasionally slip into different series. "Gotham" - a crime thriller, in which the mass of superheroes. So called metropolis in which all events occur. Filming took place in New York, a great city teeming with contradictions. Here, poverty and lack of meaning in life intersects with the wealth, power and greed. But there is a downside - the criminal world, which hides behind the corrupt police, corrupt officials. And behind all this is the "boss" of the city, across the road which is very dangerous.

The main character - police rookie James Gordon. He plays in the series, Benjamin McKenzie. New cop is not ready to accept this state of affairs, to become a murderer and get into gear meanness, lies and deceit. After all, he had given my word to the boy, whose parents offender killed before his eyes. Career soldier forced to kill him, but it was in the war. Honor and respect for the law did not allow him to accomplish lynching. Is it good or bad? After all, the man he spared, tomorrow will kill again and if possible shlёpnet and himself.

Revenge, betrayal, deceit and meanness permeate through the tape, since the very first series. A disclosure of the crime takes on new tracks. Fantasy creators could not be restrained. In the second season began to emerge characters of related works. You will be able to meet Catwoman, Robin, The Penguin.

We show serious rating, even the most biased critics give high marks. They called him "the soap opera of the highest level." A number of viewers in the United States alone reaches eight million people (according to the most conservative estimates). The series has deservedly received a dozen awards and nominations. Masterpiece broke records pirate downloads. Actors other than Benjamin McKenzie, starring David Mazouz and Donal Logue.

Collaboration Studios Primrose Hill Productions, Warner Brosers and DC Entertainment will be interesting to fans of criminal investigators, as well as those who like to think about the problems of organized crime and its Elimination. The series "Gotham" - it's something in the spirit of "The Godfather", but in the realities of the 21st century, where everything is presented in a more sombre and violent colors. The tape is not worth watching small children and the elderly to the vulnerable psyche.

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