House of Cards

2013 – ...
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House of Cards

2013 - ...
IMDb rating: 9.0 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:52
Episode duration~ 50 min.

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What is hidden behind the curtain of the policy? What can people who want to gain power, for which their goal - this is all for the sake of it, you can not bring a sacrifice to make this what people with the culture and conscience will never be solved. TV show «House of Cards» will be able to show this policy, without ornaments, hiding the truth mist. In the middle of the action, Francis Underwood and his wife - Claire.
They are together - the perfect couple, who are in power, do not hesitate in choosing the methods, not disdaining blackmail, corruption, using sex to manipulate greed, fear of others. Francis member of the Democratic Party, but it is not the ultimate dream - to become Secretary of State, Underwood sure that this post should be dedicated only to him.

Politician understands that without the temporary co-operation, will not be easy to implement his plans. It creates an alliance with Garrett Walker, promising mutual benefit - promising to help get the presidency in the upcoming elections. The wife of Francis no judgment about the cruelty and treachery of her husband. on the contrary - it is his faithful companion. It would seem that everything is going splendidly, and nothing can stop the Underwood family. But the calculations did not include treason. This trouble humiliated enraged policy and he gives himself the word - the perpetrator will be punished, it will make him regret rash acts.

Home confrontation Underwood and the new president and his entourage. Poaching supporters, Francis uses all who on his supporters in order to annoy the traitor. Whether the president can hold a chair, or he will have to say goodbye not only to the position? More no holds barred, in politics there is no proper method, there is a winner and a loser.

It's amazing how interwoven lies, hypocrisy, revenge and bright human feelings in the world - love, loyalty. In the fourth season, though Underwood never ceases to struggle, he discovers the other side of the character. Claire and Francis have to be on the verge of breaking. Constant race competition. Inflame passions subside for a second. Once you do not know who will be the leader, Underwood comes close to the championship, but the circumstances and the enemies do not give him a deal, and the family is in a catastrophic state. What did he take? He will keep his faithful beloved fellow fighter and implement vengeful ideas?

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