It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

2005 – ...
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

2005 - ...
IMDb rating: 8.8 / 10
Number of seasons:11
Number of episodes:123
Episode duration~ 22 min.

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The series «It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia» tells about the adventures of four boys and one girl. At first glance, the series title portends a storm of positive emotions, friendship and love in the big city. In fact, everything is not so.
Heroes series constantly quarrel, find out the relationship and break the law. Everything else connects them not only the relations of friendship and love, but also the general pub Paddy.

Frank, Charlie, Mac, Danny and his twin sister Dee are working hard for the benefit of the pub, trying to make him the most popular place in Philadelphia. The truth is they are not very good at it. Constant quarrels and clarify the relationship, and the eternal drinking lead to the fact that friends from time to time find themselves in a complex, confusing, and sometimes life-threatening situations. At the same time, they hate each other and madly in love. Guys totally stupid and immoral, and their constant desire for easy money and entertainment makes turn away.

In the minds of the children constantly having ideas about how to make money. Ideas usually appear delusional, why not get them translated into life. Heroes of the quarrel with the Korean mafia, you will be in a place where there is an armed robbery. To put it mildly, it is not very lucky. Classmates despise them, the girls side, and police are trying to keep under control.

The series starred terrific actor Denis DeVito. He played the role of Frank. His character with each batch of degraded, but this only adds to the comedy series. Diandra, or as it is called Dee - this capricious girl and simply krivlyalka. Life situations koltorye occur to her throughout the film, like everyone. Also, Dee has a twin brother Dennis. Against the backdrop of a gang of eccentric, Dennis the most responsible and sensible. He can even take the right decisions, but after hearing the opinion of the other members of the gang, all the while talking at them on occasion. Charlie is completely illiterate and stupid image of a young man in love with the waitress thought out. Most often, it is because of his guys come in unpredictable and dangerous situations. The real mystery was the character Mack. See through it is not so easy. He is dissolute reveler, the spiritual man, the self-contained crazy.

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