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2015 - ...
рorror, drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.0 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:32
Episode duration~ 42 min.

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Explore the lively Olivia Moore. Her life plan ten years ahead. Now she is a student of the Faculty of Medicine, member of the volunteer duties, she has a favorite person and in her plans to become a first-class heart surgeon.
Liv Life changed abruptly after a party. Meet Olivia Moore dead. She was always hungry, her dark bags under the eyes and pale skin color similar to the eternal fatigue. And from the girl on the cover of the magazine "Health" Olivia turns to cover the "Gothic" ideal. According to close all of the girl's life goes on perekosyak because of the party and the girl simply post traumatic stress. For all further plans to work in the hospital, I have to work a pathologist in the city morgue. She breaks her engagement. Leads reclusive life in front of the TV. Only the one they do not know - the girl after the bite has become a zombie. So on her life is more like that where to get tasty brains. The problem, she decided sitting in the coroner's office. After the corpses began to disappear from the minds of its secret six months later she discovers her mentor Dr. Ravi.

The heroine realizes that eating human brain is capable of spontaneously seeing his memories before his death. Once she turned the case to assist Detective Clive Babino in catching the killer. The problem is that she can not tell everyone about your secret. Thus was invented the story about the girl's psychic abilities. So Detective Olivia uses to investigate the killings, and the girl herself is not averse to help justice. Since then, and began their collaboration.

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