2004 – 2010
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2004 - 2010
drama, mystery, sci-fi
IMDb rating: 8.4 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:117
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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Serial «Lost» is one of the most expensive full-length projects throughout the history of television. The plane, the next flights from Australia to America, crashed in the Pacific bays. Alive are only 48 people: among them there is a doctor, he is Jack Shepard, violating the laws of runaway fraud Kate Austen, criminal and adventurer Sawyer, the military of the Iranian army Sayid Jarrah, a work packaging company John Locke, a millionaire won the lottery, Hurley raise, pregnant Claire Littleton, rock star Charlie Pace, builder Michael Dawson with his son Walt, a pair of South Korean Jin and Sun, brother Boone Carlyle and his stepsister, Shannon Rutherford.

Heroes are stranded on a desert island, so it seems at first glance. At the beginning of the storyline characters remain confident in the fact that they were found and sent home. But every day the belief in salvation is extinguished, and the island opens to the heroes of their secrets. Later, the survivors realize that they are not the only people on this island. By mystical mysteries in the series plot are: the so-called "monster", roaring in most of the island, "Other" settled on the island for a couple of years before the crash, a science company "Dharma Initiative", which has on the island a few research laboratories and hatches, the sequence of numbers that influenced the fate of the characters. The basis of the show included: the eternal struggle against evil, the opposition of black and white. Relations between good and evil in each of the characters, problems in family relationships, questions of the Apocalypse, the contradictions in the themes of religion and science.

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