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2015 - ...
fantasy, drama, crime
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:22
Episode duration~ 42 min.

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Lucifer is bored in his hellish throne, monotonous work become boring to him, and he went to live a human life on earth. Together with him escaped from Hell Meyzikin demoness. Once in the world of men, Lucifer got rid of his angel wings.

Now his name is Lucifer Morningstar, he has his own club in Los Angeles, as well as an expensive car. He rejoices, making fun of people, because thanks to his gift, he can learn the basest desires of the people and get them to do inappropriate things.

However, for the baked no one is watching, and God sends his angel Amenadilya with a mission to return to the place of Lucifer. Prince of Darkness does not want to leave the world of men, and refuses to return, and then burn their wings.

By chance, Morningstar met police detective Chloe Decker, which is investigating the murder of his friend. This work seems to him funny and he continues to cooperate with the police, becoming a civil consultant.

Over time, Lucifer notices a strange feeling, he begins to fall in love with Chloe. It disturbs him and the Prince of Darkness begins to discuss their problems with a psychologist. Meanwhile, Angel Amenadil begins the hunt for him, with the use of mortals.

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