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2008 - 2012
comedy, drama, fantasy
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:65
Episode duration~ 45 min.

«Merlin» – Season 1 Episode 10 watch online

Episode Title: «The Moment of Truth»
Episode Released: 11.22.2008
Season number: 1
Episode number: 10
Episode Description:
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Merlin with his friends went to her home village to save it from raids by bandits who take all the harvest and beat the locals. A childhood friend of Merlin's, William, feared that the king's son will pass under the mage penalty. But Merlin, despite the warnings of a friend is doing everything to save the village. In the fight with the bandits killed William, covering a Arthur and saying that he used magic, not Merlin.
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