Mr. Robot

2015 – ...
Season 1
Season 2
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Mr. Robot

2015 - ...
thriller, drama
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:22
Episode duration~ 49 min.

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The series is filmed an American film company USA Network in 2015, Sam Esmeylom. The series is laid out on 3 season, because the pilot series that was broadcast on the SXSW festival, aroused great interest and desire to view this series, which is a psychological orientation, namely social phobia. The series "Mr Robot" exposes the problems of modern society in which we live with you.
This society is characterized by an increase in the impact of technology on our lives. People began to spend more time in virtual reality. With the advent of the Internet society began to change and improve, man now has unlimited number of possibilities and information, but also new problems related to this: on the Internet have become "divorced scammers" who can organize a revolt in the country, to steal money, information, or even start a war to prevent this from happening, big companies hire great programmers, which will ensure security. This was our hero Eliot.

Eliot, the protagonist of the series, it is a key moment in the construction and development of the plot. He is young, capable, clever programmer who with their knowledge and skills went to work in a prestigious and well-known company, which he calls "evil corporation" for his body of work in the community and the impact that they have on people. These professionals are highly valued, and everyone wants him to get to his work, but Elliot went on its way.

Eliot since birth suffered from social phobia, which is why he could not communicate freely with the people, and only the computer it is replaced. Eliot seemingly ordinary man with an ordinary world view, but behind this mask lies a man who leads a double, secret life. By day he works in a corporation as an engineer in the cyber-security department, and first-class hacker at night, which "catches" and exposes the criminals in the vastness of the network. He thinks that with his skills, abilities and talents, will be able to help his dear people, as well as to deliver according to all the people from the banks and punish them. Eliot is a modern super-hero who is trying to improve the world and operates only within its own interests and discretion.

"Mr Robot" makes us ordinary people feel brilliant and talented hackers, programmers, who can arrange a public and economic upheaval one touch of a finger on the keyboard. Also on-as you continue to watch the show on, becoming more interesting and intriguing, because each new series can lead to unexpected and dizzying climax that way it was impossible to expect. Throughout the series have to think about this or that episode, which reverses the common understanding of the plot and meaning. Such details make this series is not typical, in which the plot can be both confusing and elementary simple, and which have to conceptualize viewed.

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