My Name Is Earl

2005 – 2009
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Season 4
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My Name Is Earl

2005 - 2009
IMDb rating: 7.8 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:96
Episode duration~ 22 min.

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The TV Show «My Name Is Earl» tells the story of Earl J. Hickey -. Rogues and loafers, not to miss the opportunity to steal anything for my own pleasure.
Do you think that such a person could think about the purity of his inner world? Of course not! He had not heard of anything like that. But fate would have it, that the Earl had to recall all their rash acts and try to correct the mistakes for their own sake. It all started with the unprecedented luck - Earl won the lottery, a huge sum. But it was not to get rich fate - he was in a car accident, the ticket was gone, and the Earl was in a hospital bed. At the time of enforced idleness, helpless and under the influence of painkillers, he amused watching endless TV shows, and one of which led him to think about the cause of his misfortune befell: he spoiled karma!

And how could it be otherwise, because all his life he delivered the surrounding solid unhappiness that came back and hit it well. Thanks to this discovery, Earl realizes that his back luck - winning ticket - it can, but only after atone for all your sins. To this end, the protagonist is a list that is surprisingly long, because people bring trouble, he began with early childhood.

Earl bitterly remembers his classmates over which mocked at school about a thousand little things that he stole rotozeev of other stupid things, turning first offense and disappointment for those who had to face life's journey from Earl, and now returned to him tenfold .... it seems that getting your ticket will be possible soon.

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