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Once Upon a Time

2011 - ...
fantasy, romance, adventure
IMDb rating: 7.9 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:124
Episode duration~ 43 min.

«Once Upon a Time» – Season 5 Episode 21 watch online

Episode Title: «Last Rites»
Episode Released: 05.08.2016
Season number: 5
Episode number: 21
Episode Description:
Beware, spoilers! To read - hover over the text.
Hades is preparing the last rites that will allow him to have final authority to implement its recent plan of revenge. Zelin also sincerely confident in his innocence, trying to confront the main characters using their full potential. Regina and Robin trying to free a baby from the clutches of evil before it's too late. Emma tries in vain to recover from the loss of the Hook, but on emotion starts a chain of events that will cause a fatal blow to Regina. At this time, in the underground realm of the Hook with the recently deceased Arthur tries to help Emma find the weakness of Hades, but without the firm hand of the ruler of the underground for so long dormant creatures awoke and crave flesh.
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