Orange Is the New Black

2013 – ...
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Orange Is the New Black

2013 - ...
drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:52
Episode duration~ 51 min.

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The series "Orange - hit of the season" - a comedy drama about a women's prison, and the inhabitants of the characters. Piper Chapman was engaged and led a fairly regular life, but suddenly found itself under investigation for aiding in the distribution of drugs. Because she really dealt with this a few years ago, she pleaded guilty and received 15 months in prison.

Together with a secret past and emerged the other: in the same period Piper met Alex Vouz, which drew beloved in drug business.

Decency family, as well as the groom, it is difficult to accept the current situation, but even the most difficult Chapman, completely adapted to survival in an environment of criminals.

For almost all the bars are divided into groups, such as ethnic and social Tikhonov Piper hard to find their place in the classification, but gradually it gets here female friends and trying to serve life without adventure, which, however, is not so good.

Here, by coincidence, is sitting and Alex, and the novel two girls resumed. During the time of his release Piper manages to leave her fiance, find out how it came to the police, be subject to an unhealthy passion, to participate in the strike, organize a business in the camp long porukovodit natsistok and do much more.

Getting acquainted with the sisters in misfortune closer Chapman finds out the details of their biography and realizes that her situation is not the worst. Prison - a small isolated little world where full of life. But each inmate is asleep and sees leave these walls. And Piper - is no exception.

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