Peaky Blinders

2013 – ...
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Peaky Blinders

2013 - ...
IMDb rating: 8.8 / 10
Number of seasons:3
Number of episodes:18
Episode duration~ 60 min.

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Action action-British crime TV series Air Force «Peaky Blinders», takes place in the 20-e of XX century in the English town of Birmingham. This is an exciting story of the life of the gangster family of Roma origin Shelby, famed as a gang of «Peaky Blinders» (in another version -" Sharpened cap "). Legend, which formed the basis for the film, has a real basis.
A similar gang gangster actually existed in those places in the late nineteenth century and was one of the most influential. Sonorous name criminal group has received for its members sewn into his visor caps honed blade. So sophisticated way gang dealt with its enemies and victims, putting fear in the inhabitants of this land. According to another, more humane version of thugs dressed in the style of Manchester, which was an integral part of the image of the cap with a characteristic sharp peak.

The main characters of this gangster saga - Shelby four brothers and their companions. The focus of the audience - the leader of the gang, its leader, the middle brother, Thomas (Cillian Murphy). It seeks to seize power in the city and the authority in the society. Brothers just returned from the First World War and trying to forget the horrors of the Western Front. But they fail to live a simple peaceful life. The lure of profit, adventurous nature and gypsy fervor declines semeika Shelby to criminal cases, and enmity with the likes of clans.

Thomas successfully runs the affairs of the family. Its purpose - to legalize criminal business "enterprises" Shelby. It does not stop at nothing in their path, guided by the rule "in war all means are good." Spheres of influence of gangs first becomes "black" bookmaking on horse races and then-visors bandits are experienced bootleggers, crushing itself under the smuggling of counterfeit alcohol. It would seem that their authority in the criminal world and the city is unshakable. But things are changing with the advent of the new Birmingham police chief, Chester Campbell. The situation is complicated by the gang Shelby, after an inspector set seriously. It performs the task of Winston Churchill and intends to cleanse the town of the crime.

Brothers Shelby - ambiguous characters. They do not just ruthless scoundrels and robbers and illegal dealers who keep the whole neighborhood in horror. The spectators appear brave heroes of the First World War. This charismatic man with his code of honor, with a reverent attitude to family and loyalty to one's word. In the film, there is a place not only to criminal intrigues, but also love Charming Grace working in the Inspector Campbell, the leader will win hardened hearts.

The second season is expanding the horizons of gang activity: Shelby will flock to London, where already in full swing a real war between the Jewish and the Italian mafia. All three series of the season with dignity withstood criticism. The brilliant play of actors including Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Tom Hardy, Sam Neill, Helen McCrory et al. Has received positive reviews and the audience, and specialists. The film holds the highest ratings and already renewed for the fourth and fifth seasons.

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