2016 – ...
Season 1
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2016 - ...
fantasy, drama, detective, adventure
IMDb rating: 8.1 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:10
Episode duration~ 60 min.

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TV Show «Preacher» will tell the audience the mystical story where the main character was the priest Jesse Custer. Jesse visibly worn out and tired life, so he spends the money in the state Tehasse, hoping for a miracle and praying to God. But that's dark past Custer reminds himself, and instead of beautiful gifts, wealth and worldwide admiration he receives in his gut gnezisa.
This child forbidden copulation of an angel and the devil, brought together a pure light and absolute evil. Gnezisa silushku can be countered by God or Jesus to replace the powerful being. Winner gnezisa automatically becomes the strongest creature in the entire tangible world. And this is not an easy fate befell the church minister, Custer.

The show makes the audience cringe, but a few points covered ants and frightened look around. It creates an atmosphere completely absorbs, leaving no opportunity to get out into the real world. With the first series of the viewer begins to wonder difficult questions, the answers to which, of course, revealed gradually as the release of episodes. Talented actors, put on their characters charisma and charm, as well as the film adaptation of the popular comic strip adds a «preacher» of new fans. Black humor, sometimes slipping and hard scenes are not deterred from the monitor screen, but rather add the finishing touches, making the image of the integrity and completeness of the series. «Preacher» - history, soaked in mysticism and the unknown, full of questions, abrupt plot twists and a little bit of madness.

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