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Prison Break

2005 - 2009
drama, action, detective, thriller
IMDb rating: 8.5 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:81
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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Episode Title: «Safe and Sound»
Episode Released: 09.22.2008
Season number: 4
Episode number: 5
Episode Description:
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Mahone meets with his wife at the bar. Packet decode new records in the book. Guys penetrate into the building of the Ministry of Finance to make a copy of another Scylla card, but the card is tucked away in a safe. Michael decides to make a hole in the back cover of the safe. While don is the owner of the office, where Michael and Lincoln, Bellick and Sucre to monitor the situation. Michael heard the General was told about the new plan of the company. Gretchen escapes from captivity. The bag comes Asian and offers his life in exchange for Scylla.
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