2005 – 2007
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2005 - 2007
action, drama, romance, war, history
IMDb rating: 8.8 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:22
CountryUK, USA
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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Came troubled times for Gaul. To start the process of a bloody war. The head of the army of Julius Caesar.
The purpose Guy clear - it needs to urgently address the highest position in Rome. The great desire to balance the scales of power with the opponent in opposition to plunge people. Pompey at that time was the informal ruler of the country. Popularity general grows, competitors decided on a conspiracy. The consul, commander of the army faithful to the Senate, was a stumbling block to the success of the great politician. The government is drowning in the maelstrom of feuds, carbon passion can ignite a civil battle. The entire film is striated web of opposition views leading diplomats, have a decisive influence on Roman politics for years. The crisis of the triumvirate and the loyal attitude to the Senate Gnaeus aggravated during the process that led to the civil battles. Against the background of the battle of the Titans is a couple of adventurers Lucius and Titus intrigue afoot in case of success which enables the wicked to receive a huge jackpot.

To move towards the main city legions bring the conflict to a head. The hour when the majestic ownership change history forever. Divided into two camps masses plunged into the power of fear. Julius has achieved complete victory over the enemies and becoming concentrated power implacable dictator. Stealing benefit disappoint the enemy.

After the defeat of an opponent who escaped was destroyed. The history is shrouded in mystery contradictions powerful civilizations of antiquity.

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