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Stranger Things

2016 - ...
horror, fantasy, thriller, drama, romance, detective
IMDb rating: 9.0 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:8
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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Episode Title: «Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly»
Episode Released: 07.15.2016
Season number: 1
Episode number: 3
Episode Description:
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Waking up in a strange place resembling an empty swimming pool, barb tries to get out of him on the stairs, but something pulls her back down. Joyce hangs in the house a few electric lights to establish a connection with the will, which, being in some parallel dimension, can turn on and off light bulbs in the house. The hopper together with the assistants are on the trail of Dr. Martin Brenner, his laboratory and find in newspaper archives for mention of a woman named Terry IVS, which claimed that her daughter immediately after birth, kidnapped scientists. Odie recalls his life in the laboratory — Brenner, whom she calls "dad" ordered to put her in solitary confinement for refusing to use their telekinetic powers to hurt the cat. Nancy begins to worry about missing barb. Steve and his friends discover pictures that made Jonathan. They tear pictures and break the camera, but Nancy says one of them sitting near the pool barb and returned to the house of Steve. Not far from the house she finds parked in the same place the car barb and spots moving among the trees creature. Joyce draws on the wall the letters of the alphabet next to the light bulbs garlands. Will tells her that he's alive, but is in a dangerous place. He manages to convey the word "run" before the creature begins to crawl out from the walls. A little later, the state police reported about the discovery of the body will in a water-filled quarry near the city.
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