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Stranger Things

2016 - ...
horror, fantasy, thriller, drama, romance, detective
IMDb rating: 9.0 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:8
Episode duration~ 55 min.

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Episode Title: «Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat»
Episode Released: 07.15.2016
Season number: 1
Episode number: 5
Episode Description:
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Lonnie, the ex-husband of Joyce manages to convince her that all of her associated with will's visions are just hallucinations, as his body was discovered. The boys come to the conclusion that will is stuck in another dimension Odie calls the "reverse side". After the funeral, friends ask Mr. Clarke about parallel dimensions, and he tells them about the hypothetical possibility of the existence of a portal between spaces. Assistants hopper tell him that the car barb was found far from the city. The boys find out that the appearance of the portal is associated with a powerful electromagnetic field and trying to detect the magnetic anomaly by using compass. Odie recalls how she was placed in a sensory deprivation chamber to amplify her telepathic abilities. Her job was telepathic interception of information from a Soviet spy, and during its performance, she found a strange creature. Odie warns friends about the dangers of the portal and deflects the arrows of compasses to knock them off the track. Lucas notices this and accuses Odie of treason. Mike stands up for her, which leads to a fight between him and Lucas. Odie intervenes and with the help of telekinesis knocks Lucas, who at the time losing consciousness from the blow. Meanwhile in the forest, Nancy and Jonathan discover a wounded deer drags a monster. Nancy discovers a portal leading into "reverse" and into it, where he sees a monster eating a deer.
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