Teen Wolf

2011 – 2017
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Teen Wolf

2011 - 2017
horror, fantasy, action, thriller, drama, romance, comedy
IMDb rating: 7.7 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:89
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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The main hero of the series "Teen Wolf" was a young man, Scott Mccall. The young man only sixteen years old, so caring adult life has not touched it. He goes to school, spending time with friends and playing lacrosse.
But everything changes when Scott is one late night in the forest and is attacked by an unknown beast. About this terrible and mysterious episode could be and forget, but that's a young man's body begin to occur strange metamorphoses. Scott notes that all the senses sharpened: hearing became more acute sense of smell chutche, and he began to see much better. the young man's body has undergone changes as well - it has become more agile, stronger and faster than any of their peers. Mccall fears and denies the new essence of the wolf, but the full moon does its work and young people experiencing previously unknown frightening feelings.

The young man turned in no time from the usual mediocre undergrowth into a werewolf, is trying to find answers to questions about torture him, to deal with the incredible reincarnation and take his new "I", even though it is difficult for.

The series "cub" tells viewers about supernatural forces, mysticism, magic, as well as show the real life of a man, a little different from the others. It lifts the curtain of secrecy and will allow willing to contemplate the mental anguish of a young man to notice feelings, negative thoughts, rash acts. And most importantly will truly empathize with the main character and sincerely wish him to find his peace of mind.

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