The Good Wife

2009 – 2016
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The Good Wife

2009 - 2016
drama, detective
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:7
Number of episodes:156
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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How many still ridicule to test the main character of the series "The Good Wife" to be happy? Gets married, she does not think that family life will present her dangerous surprises. Forecasts for a happy future have not come true. Alicia Florrick - caring wife and mother of 2 children, did not expect such a blow of fate.
Her husband, Attorney, engaging in a sex scandal, but in addition also put behind bars for corruption fraud. The main heroine is a long time could not believe what was happening, could not forgive himself for his naivety. All the promises and vows of her husband shattered. Just a couple of minutes respectable respectable woman became a public pariah. Journalists are not allowed to pass, and neighbors and former friends try to ignore it. From a good wife and a caring mother, she must turn to dobytchitsu and protector of the family. In other "well-wishers" would destroy her pride and self-esteem. Will Gardner - a longtime friend of Mrs. Florrick, gave it to a law firm junior lawyer. It will have 13 years to remember the skills lawyer robots compete with highly qualified opponents.

In equal parts in the series mixed law and family drama. All events take place against the backdrop of a corruption scandal, which involved Peter Florrick. Each episode presents the works that is firm, where he works Alicia. And also shows the life of her family. Love for children, a new job, a complex relationship with her husband, communicating with colleagues make of Mrs. Florrick strong and stubborn woman.

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