The IT Crowd

2006 – 2013
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The IT Crowd

2006 - 2013
IMDb rating: 8.6 / 10
Number of seasons:5
Number of episodes:25
Episode duration~ 22 min.

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The action of the series «The IT Crowd» takes place in a large, bustling city where hard at work in two geek friends Roy and Moss. They work with the maximum return on the mega - «Reynholm Industries» corporation. This "office" machine requires the children to perform very complicated tasks.
Such resolve can only be true professionals. And our guys are lazy and sluggishness. All the tasks they performed with the refraction of the great folly. The peculiar logic and makes the audience laugh at your friends. Modern people are not capable of creative thinking. Everything has to be consistently and routinely. These foundations of a grand scale krushat key workers and monitors.

And labor, these workers, we have not in the bright office. They are in the basement, where there is total chaos. Perhaps he dictates the behavior of the characters, confusing them iron logic. And what about the lady - boss cheerful company. The young lady, and knows nothing about modern technologies. But he considers himself a born head of the team. And what to do with our children. In carrying out its ridiculous instructions, they fall into absurd situations. And having great luck in the end, it's funny coming out of them. Heroes rustic and completely devoid of ambition. That they like viewers. "Their guys' cause a lot of sympathy and they become friends and favorites of regular fans of the series.

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