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2006 - 2011
science fiction, drama
IMDb rating: 7.8 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:41
CountryCanada, UK
Episode duration~ 50 min.

«Torchwood» – Season 1 Episode 8 watch online

Episode Title: «They Keep Killing Suzie»
Episode Released: 12.03.2006
Season number: 1
Episode number: 8
Episode Description:
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Toshiko - a lonely Japanese woman from the team of Torchwood. She secretly sigh for Owen. After receiving the gift from the stranger in the bar in the form of a pendant, she comes with him to work and hears the thoughts of Gwen and Owen. They are lovers. This greatly hurts it. New friend Mary, who gave her the decoration, explains that using the pendant can not only be upset, but to help people. Really Tosh rescues a woman with child, hearing the thoughts of a stranger with the help of the pendant. Toshiko had closer relations with a stranger, Mary reveals the secret of her new lover that she's an alien. Previously Jack and team have found an unknown device and he figured out his secret. Beside him was a skeleton with a big damage in the heart. It turned out that Mary killed people and tore their hearts out. It cannot take over the machine, Jack sends her to the sun.
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