2013 – 2014
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2013 - 2014
thriller, drama, action
IMDb rating: 8.5 / 10
Number of seasons:2
Number of episodes:12
Episode duration~ 50 min.

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Secrets of the Past, this is an issue that has always fascinated and excited the minds of people. Above the human tragedy and the terrible atrocities that were happening in the last century were perplexed many experts, not only in history, but also ordinary people curious. Since ancient times, there were people able to predict disaster or terrible event.
In a dramatic thriller Utopia such predictions made in some book recording in which foreshadows the terrible pages of human history in the 20th century.

For many years the mysterious manuscript gathering dust in the basement archives of the psychiatric clinic. author of the book consider the patient's acute shezofrinii. The patient died long ago, but the cause of death remains unknown. The name of his manuscript that man invented a rather strange, he called it Utopia. A group of young people who had never each other and had never seen the puzzle begin to coalesce around a secret manuscript. Young people understand that the book hidden message for future generations and that this roll can shed light on many long-forgotten tragedy of human existence.

But the longer the series the characters introduced in the study of the book, the more I realized that the clouds are gathering over them. Everyone who touches to the manuscript becomes a curse, and the sword of Damocles hovering over each. Over time devoted to learn that one of the other die under mysterious circumstances of their friends and acquaintances. Someone really does not want to book the mystery was uncovered. But the film's heroes decide to go to the end, and they have no other choice.

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