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2013 - ...
action, drama, war, history
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:41
CountryCanada, Ireland
Episode duration~ 45 min.

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TV Show «Vikings» is a joint project of the Irish and Canadian film crews. Series creator Michael Hurst became known as the director of the TV series "Xena - Warrior Princess," "Hercules Legendary Journeys," "Ash vs. Evil Dead" and others.
The plot of «Vikings» went to the saga of the attacks of the Normans in the territory of modern Britain and Scandinavia during the early Middle Ages, as well as stories about Ragnar Lodbrok - distinguished leader of the Vikings, who, according to legend, is a child of god Odin, his team and family.

The story begins with the time when more young warrior Ragnar seeks to lands that are located behind the cold sea, wanting to conquer them and plunder. His friend Phocas, a talented carpenter, helping to design and build a vehicle that surpasses the usual Viking boat in driving performance. But friends meet resistance from the ruler of the time Jarl Harldsona: in the case of their successful campaign of the governor's reputation may be compromised. Expedition on the verge of collapse, but a wayward Ragnar believes in luck: it gathers like-minded and with a team sent to the coast of England in search of riches and profitable land.

Ragnar luck - waiting for their rich booty: almost without encountering resistance, their team manages to capture the monastery, whose state has exceeded the wildest dreams of the invaders. As the Vikings to take on board one of the monks.

Back home, the team argues that the rich land of the cold sea - not fiction. The treasures brought by them, convinced Earl and the rest of the Vikings in the rightness of Ragnar. Since then, and begins his triumphant ascension.

The series was created specially commissioned by TV channel «History», which is allocated for the project filming a huge budget of $ 40 million (we are talking about the financing of only the first season). Spend shooting just two television: Octagon Films (Ireland) and Take 5 Production (Canada). Fans will enjoy beautiful views of the stunning shooting in the Wicklow Mountains, where he filmed the Viking ships, as more than 70% of the shooting was carried out in the open air. filming process was launched in the summer of 2012, and the premiere of the first season has already taken place on March 3, 2013. At this point in rolling out the four seasons.

In addition to the raids, robbery and other violent aspects of life in the Viking series is interesting because in it is revealed, and their way of life and rituals. The ratio of the gods, to the family, to the beloved, for parents and children. Due to these details disclosed difficult nature of the heroes of the show, the audience inevitably begin to feel sympathy for the cruel heathen: Normans presented as fair, courageous, brave soldiers, whose "duty" and "honor" - not just empty words. The inhabitants of the land to conquer them appear as weak and powerless, and in the case of rulers - the cruel and sadistic liars.

For history buffs, filming battles and interesting details show will be an exciting pastime, you pleasant viewing!

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