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2013 - ...
action, drama, war, history
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons:4
Number of episodes:41
CountryCanada, Ireland
Episode duration~ 45 min.

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Episode Title: «Brother's War»
Episode Released: 02.27.2014
Season number: 2
Episode number: 1
Episode Description:
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Squads Horik, which supports Ragnar and Borg, supported by Rollo, converge in a bloody battle. Many brave soldiers die, but none of the parties wins. Rollo surrenders to his brother. Ragnar offers the label is not to share the meager depths of Scandinavia, and sail to pillage the lands in the West. And Horik and Borg agree with this. Rollo judged, all demand his execution, but Ragnar bribes a Legislator, and he leaves a brother, Earl alive. Into the village arrives a pregnant Aslaug. Ragnar invites her to become another of his wife, but it disturbs Lagertha, and she, along with Bjorn out.
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