War & Peace

2016 – ...
Season 1
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War & Peace

2016 - ...
drama, romance, war, history
IMDb rating: 8.2 / 10
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:6
Episode duration~ 60 min.

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The saga begins in Russia at the beginning of the XIX century, young men, Pierre, Natasha and Andrew with their youthful ambition, despite their privileged conditions of life, trying to find meaning in his life. Kind-hearted, but the illegitimate son of a rich man, a recent graduate of the University Pierre wants to change the world for the better. However, his outspoken political views, support and open admiration for the French emperor not welcome in polite society of St.
Petersburg. Vigorous Natasha is looking for true love, while handsome and gallant Andrew, heir to one of the most illustrious Russian family, tired of life in high society, committed to the ultimate goal - the glory and advancement in the imperial army. Love is like a miracle, brings the characters to a new life. Tender feelings for Natasha, so unlike the empty women's light came to Andrew, and later with incredible force updated his soul. Faced with Natasha, Pierre, as well as Andrew was struck by its purity and naturalness. However, the feeling of it beginning to grow in his mind later, when Andrew and Natasha have loved each other. At the same time, Pierre, Andrew and Natasha look for themselves and their place in this life, Napoleon's army is approaching ever closer to Russia's borders, that can change the history of the Russian Empire forever.

The outbreak of the conflict with Russia with Napoleon in 1805, the story ends in 1812, after Napoleon was exiled to the Russian land after its invasion of the country. All central family saga have changed considerably and lost some of its members, but those who have experienced this transformation, started a new life, but completely different.

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