White Collar

2009 – 2014
Season 1
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White Collar

2009 - 2014
detective, drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.3 / 10
Number of seasons:6
Number of episodes:81
Episode duration~ 43 min.

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«White Collar» - detective series about the investigation of crimes related artwork. Peter Burke headed the department, where agents only and are busy looking for the kidnappers of pictures, unscrupulous antique dealers, people involved in counterfeiting, and other lawbreakers, whose specialization - beautiful, valuable, and most importantly - the wrong things.

The most difficult opponent for the work in the bodies of Burke became a crook Neal Caffrey, it seems able to everything and has a high level of intelligence.

The young swindler managed to catch, but he ran away for 4 months prior to the end of the sentence to find his beloved Kate, and was again caught Peter. As for the escape Neal could get another couple of years, he chose to deal with the FBI: Caffrey goes free with an electronic bracelet and begins to work as a consultant, helping Burke catch their own kind.

Neil finds refuge from the widow of the mafia June, granted new friend apartment in the center. Almost every day, the hero sees his old friend Mozzie - oddball-genius, as a criminal, but not caught, a man constantly struggling with the system.

Completing tasks Feds Caffrey does not change: he dreams of big business, capable of providing it for years to come. However, the Nile gradually acquires attachments, and it is difficult to go over the heads, if the case be presented to break the bank.

Investigations carried out in the company of Burke, allow to remain as close as possible to his favorite area, so work brings more and more fun and almost no burden.

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